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Leader in LACQUER finishing for wooden floors since 1994.​

The best high gloss and resistant coating for your wooden floor. Safety, aesthetic and ecological enhancement in internal and external wood and concrete surfaces.

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"We saw that there ws a lack of prodcuts in the national market for wood, that there was only urea-formaldehyde. So we went looking and discovered LACQUER and PU from other countries..."


About Aton7

Leader in lacquer finish, Aton7 is a green solutions company that works hard to make a difference!

Created by visionary partners who sought, outside Brazil, real LACA and PU technologies that would not harm the environment, Aton7 today has over 30 years of production in wood coating, internal and external. A leader in lacquer finish, Aton7 also operates in the sealing and waterproofing of concrete slabs and floors, industrial and residential, increasing its contribution to the covering market.

Aton7 Product Line

Safety and Ecological Responsibility​


Coverings that guarantee safety on floors with high traffic, preventing breaks and cracks. Aton7 products also carry environmental responsibility in their composition.​
Aton7 products also carry environmental responsibility in their composition.

Internal Woods

LACQUER and PU coatings for wood on internal surfaces.

Ecologically Correct Products (without formaldehyde), which guarantee the safety and aesthetic enhancement of the floors where they are applied.


External Woods

External woods suffer more damage because they are exposed to weather conditions such as sun exposure and rain.

Aton7 coatings help protect these surfaces and give a more elegant finish.



Industrial and residential concrete floors can add Aton7 solutions to their surfces, allowing better grip for traffic, thermal insulation and waterproofing for concrete slabs.


Nossa Filosofia


In addition to taking care of your floor, we care about the environment. Aton7 leads this issue in front of other companies in the segment, using environmentally friendly LACQUER and PU technology.


Aton7 participates in local and global initiatives that promote environmental awareness, sustainable work and helping communities.​


Since 1994 we have been working continuously to offer the best and most sustainable solution for treatments and coverings of wood and concrete floors.​



Stay On About Aton7


Novelties in surface coating technology and environmentally friendly products from Aton7.​