Aton7 History


Our History

We are a company born of big dreams and wonderful partnerships. We are proud to say that our fight was worth it.

Currently, Aton7 is the only Brazilian company that offers high quality products, differentiated in technology and with guaranteed results for water and solvent-based wood floor finishes.

In the mid-1990s, Riva Thiesen, one of the founders of Aton7, realized that the national market did not offer products with competitive advantages for wooden floors.

In Brazil, flooring products were limited in their composition to urea-formaldehyde resins (Synteko). Through research and contacts, he found that the international market was already working with a product called solvent-based PU (LACQUER PU), being much superior in quality and of low toxicity.


A Journey of Success

From the discovery of LACQUER PU, we started importing it from Argentina, but the difficulties of acceptance in the job market were a big problem, where application professionals did not want to use the new product, offering resistance in learning how to handle it.

Professionals from Argentina came to Brazil to offer teachings and demonstrate the superiority of the product on floors. It took years to introduce a new brand for wooden flooring products on the market.

However, new import difficulties prevented the partnership from continuing.

At this moment, the partner Chemical Engineer Francisco Fava joined the company, with extensive experience in polyurethanes for the leather industry, who accepted the challenge of developing PU LACQUER formulas for floors, wood and concrete.

From this, Aton7 was born in Brazil, a company that develops solvent-based PU LACQUER. Soon, new products began to be developed, expanding different offers, such as water-based PU for floors, flexography, textiles and others.

Committed to our customers and the environment, we are currently the only national company that has water-based PU technology for wooden and flexo floors.

Rivadavio Thiesen

Founding Partner

Francisco Fava

Chemical Engineer Partner

Even today, most applicators use highly toxic products with harmful odours that pose risks to floors and health in general.

We have been in the market for 30 years, showing resistance competence and quality in our services. A renowned company in the field of water-based and solvent-based polyurethane LACQUER.


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Safety and environmental awareness for external, internal and cementitious wood.